Somaliland: Sovereignty is Irrevocable and Quest for Recognition is Relentless -Silanyo


President Silanyo (C) re-affirms Somalia Confrence boycott at a meetint with Diaspora Somalilanders in London “We have informed the UK that our decision to boycott the forthcoming London conference on Somalia is final”

“During various engagements and discussions with friendly governments as well as neighbouring Somalia We have never wavered from our irrevocable Sovereignty stance- President Silanyo

By: Hasan O Horri

LONDON (Somalilandsun) – The sovereignty of Somaliland is irrevocable thus a foregone conclusion and the only way forward is international recognition at all or no cost.

These sentiments were expressed by the president H.E. Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo during a meeting with British Somalilanders in London on the evening of 19th April 2013.

The head of state also informed the over 1000 landers at the meeting that he has informed the UK government that the decision by the Hargeisa Administration to boycott the 7th May London conference on Somalia still stands firm.

During a meeting President Silanyo held with the British Prime Minister David at No 10 Downing street The UK government had asked Somaliland to reconsider its boycott decision and participate in the 7th May London conference on Somalia.

Said Dr Silanyo “We informed the British premiere that The London conference which is co-chaired by the president of SomaliaDavid Cameron requested  President Silanyo to reconsider somalia conference participation during a meeting a No 10 Downing street is solely for that country therefore having nothing for Somaliland to offer nor for it to be offered”

The head of the yet to be recognized country also revealed that though he rejected the UK request to reconsider on attending the London conference, Somaliland is beholden to the people and government of the United Kingdom for continued friendship that the two countries have shared for long.

Said he, “It is with regret that I refuse to accede to the British request but I informed PM David Cameron that while Somaliland is proud of its friendship and grateful of development support it receive s from the UK, the decision of Landers is supreme to all”

To the jubilation of the multitude of British Somalilanders and those from other European countries sardine packed in the Mermaid Centre of central London Dr Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo said that his administration is ruled by the decisions and desires of Somaliland citizens in whose mandate he, president Silanyo operates under.

On the issue burning issue pertaining to on-going dialogue with Somalia President Silanyo informed that Somaliland and its administration holds no ill-will against its neighbour Somalia but only wishes of good tidings but that any engagement between the two have and shall only be on equal basis that is one sovereign country to another.

“During various engagements and discussions with friendly governments as well as neighbouring Somalia We have never wavered from our irrevocable Sovereignty stance” said President Silanyo

From left President Hasan PM Erdogan President Silanyo Turkish FM Davutoglu and Dr Omar after signing the Ankara communique in TurkeyRecounting the lengthily but yet to be reciprocated worldwide quest for sovereignty, president Silanyo said that despite the blind eye and deaf ear accorded the two decades quest the international community continues to engage with Somaliland as they do other recognized nations.

He reiterated his oft promise to knock every door, visit any country and or meet any individual deemed of importance to the attainment of Somaliland’s 21 years old quest for international recognition as a sovereign nation.

Somaliland which pulled out of its then 1960 voluntary later fateful union with Somalia in 1991 has remained unrecognized by any nation despite full jurisdiction of its British mapped boundaries and undeniable gains in Democracy, security and multi-sectored development etc.

Following the dictates of the Somalia conference held in London and Istanbul in 2012 Somaliland has held three dialogues with Somalia resulting in the Seven points Ankara Communique of 13th April 2013 which augment and reinforce the four points of Dubai Declaration and eight points Chevening House-London agreement.

The lively meeting with Diaspora Somalilanders the president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo was accompanied by the first lady Ms Amina Sh Mohamed Jirdeh “Weris”, Speaker of parliament and leader of opposition party Wadani Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi “Irro”, Foreign minister Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar, Minister of the presidency Mr Hirsi Haji Ali, Attorney General Mr Hasan Ahmed Aden, and Diplomatic Representative in the UK Ambassador Aden Awale.