Somaliland: Ali Khalif Galayd is Blinded by Hate of his Homeland-Hirsi Ali


Hirsi Haji Ali: Presidency ministerBy: Yusuf M Hasan

LONDON (Somalilandsun) – The entire political career of Somalia MP Ali Khalif Galayd is driven by his hate of his motherland of Somaliland.

This is per the minister of presidency Mr Hirsi Haji Ali when addressing Diaspora Somalilanders at the Mermaid Centre in central London where his boss president Silanyo was hosted by British Somalilanders.

The presidency minister who termed Ali Khalif as one of Somaliland born intellectuals was reacting to recent comments made by the MP purporting that the Ankara Communique signed by the two countries is recognition of Somaliland.

While making his maiden speech at the Somalia parliament in Mogadishu last week, MP Ali Khalif who is a staunch critic and die hard opponent of Somaliland’s sovereignty called for a special session of the house thus review the Ankara Communique.

Said he, “The recently held Somaliland/Somalia talks in Ankara had one single purpose which is to disband the union and grant Somaliland full independence this as stated in the seven point Ankara communique”

Confidence in the support of the house and its speaker, the MP added went on to accuse the Somalia president Hasan Sh Mahmud of having granted Somaliland full independence thus an urgent call for parliament to make a reversal

Hatefilled Ali khalif Galayd“if what I am saying is true God forbid then we must act now to prevent further talks” Said Ali Khalif Galayd

In his rejoinder to the Galayd comments minister Hirsi Haji Ali of the presidency said the hate of Somaliland carried by the MP has blinded thus a destructive force even to the Somalia country he owes allegiance to.

Said he, “The hate-filled MP is blinded by realities that prevail within the international community as pertains to the evolving political scenario between the neighbouring countries of Somaliland and Somalia”

Pointing out how difficult it is to fathom how one can claim provision of effective leadership to his people and pour scorn to his president and government simultaneously, Minister Hirsi said only a Hippocratic can do the juggling thus urging MP Galayd to put his act in order.

“The Warmongering and Hateful sentiments against Somaliland constantly expressed Ali Khalif Galayd through various dubious media houses are a clear indication of his political Hypocrisy thence a danger to both his motherland of Somaliland and the Somalia government he claims to owe allegiance to” said Minister Ali.

Concluding his address the presidency minister revisited the Ankara communique signed by the Somaliland foreign minister and the interior minister in the federal government of Somalia on the 13th of April in Ankara, Turkey terming it a perfect arrangement that shall guide future engagements between the two countries.

At the lively meeting with Diaspora Somalilanders the president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo was accompanied by the first lady Ms Amina Sh Mohamed Jirdeh “Weris”, Speaker of parliament and leader of opposition party Wadani Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi “Irro”, Foreign minister Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar, Minister of the presidency Mr Hirsi Haji Ali, Attorney General Mr Hasan Ahmed Aden, and Diplomatic Representative in the UK Ambassador Aden Awale.