Somaliland: “Opposition Wrong on Erigavo Burao Road Funds”-Shine


Mustafa A Shine

By: A.A Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The blame game and politicization of development activates geared towards alleviating livelihoods within Somaliland communities is not the right thing.

This is according to Mr. Mustafa Abdi Isse A former chairman of SOLJA who during a press conference in Hargeisa castigated opposition parties for writing false reports to some newspapers in the country purporting that money contributed for the Erigavo Burao road construction is being misused by a few people in the government who are using for them personal purpose.

Mr. Mustafa said that false report which the opposition is spreading in the communities is not good. He said this money which was contributed is for tar making the 375 kms Erigavo Burao road and the government has appointed a fundraising committee which is responsible for the use of the funds.

The committee appointed by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is headed by the state minister for finance Hon. Sahardiid and includes prominent personalities like Developmetalist Sadia Aw Muse.

Erigavo roads fund raising committee among them Sadia Aw muse at Egal Airport upon arrival from a fundraising mission abroad

The government has contributed its part of funds with local and Diaspora somalilanders chipping in too after his Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud Silanyo announced the launch of construction works for 375 kms road that links Erigavo to other Somaliland cities via Burao.

On the issue of banning the Universal TV from operating in the country Mr. Mustafa said the decision was correct because the station had started airing derogatory programs towards the republic of Somaliland, its government, leadership and citizens.