Somaliland: Habsade Urges Caution upon Deputy Speaker Bashe


By: Moody Boodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The former minister of public works and transport Mr. Ahmed Abdi Habsade has come out of his self-imposed silence to comment on the grave situation that is in the national parliament.

Mr. Ahmed Abdi Habsade while speaking with the press outside parliament building said that if Bashe, the deputy chairman of the parliament has refused the diplomatic resolution of Haji Abdi Warabe that the parliament should recess after seven days so that the dispute be solved outside the parliament is not the right move.

Habsade added that if both parties speak in peaceful spirits then Mr. Bashe will eventually accept the resolution if God wills.

Habsade when asked if he will take part in the talks said that “me too I am part of the house of elder’s” which is mediating the dispute in Somaliland’s house of representative that pits MPS aligned to speaker Abdirahman Irro and those with allegiance to 1st Deputy Bashe who is disillusioned with seating demotion that sees him seat with others members when the speaker is presiding house business.

Habsade together with Bashe and Health minister Hagaltosie are the senior most officials originating from Sool region in within the Somaliland public service.