Somaliland: Opposition reach agreement against any extension on forthcoming elections


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By: Mahmoud H. Qodah

Hargeisa(Somalilandsun)-The 2 opposition political parties of Somaliland UCID and WADANI warned the government against extension of president and House of Representatives members term in office; when it expires on June 26/ 2015.

“The 2 opposition political parties have formed a committee of 10 to assess the situation surrounding Presidential and House of Representatives election, which are scheduled to be held on June 26/6/2015. This is the first cooperation agreement between the opposition parties, to form a strong opposition and to warn the government against any postponement of elections.” said by Abdinasir Yousuf , Secretary General of UCID party.
Former Minister of Posts and Telecommunication Mr. Ali Elmi Ghelle- who is senior WADANI Party member said,” We have reached this agreement not only to create a strong opposition political atmosphere, but to get the support and backing of the people against any extension of term when the President and the House of Representatives’ term , expires in June.”
A Former governor of Hargeisa and Togdheer Regions Mr. Ahemd Hagi Abdillahi (Hamarji) said, ” The opposition is cooperating for the common good of the people and to warn the government of any extension of its term in office. We would also like to bring to the attention of the president and the House of Elders -that their legality will expire, on the day their tenure in office ends- and that we will recognize any illegality in staying in office.”
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah