Somaliland: Government and Ruling Party Dismiss Puntland’s Terror Accusations


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KULMIYE Chairman: “Puntland accuses Somaliland, for it only wants to conceal its security failures”
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland government and its Ruling Party KULMIYE have strongly dismissed what they claim to be ‘character assassination’ against Somaliland and its people by Puntland state of Somalia.

However; officials from Puntland state have recently denounced Somaliland of becoming where security plots against its territory are organized, after serious militant attacks have been carried out inside Bosaso city. Alshabab Group has later claimed to be responsible for those attacks.
“I was stunned to hear that Puntland has repeatedly accused Somaliland of becoming the home where terrorists organize their hideous attacks against them, in contrary to that, we are all aware that Somaliland has a good record in fighting against terrorism. Puntland state of Somalia is concealing it’s ‘security failures’ as such using this as a pretext of hiding its failures regarding security,” Mouse Bihi Abdi, Chairman of ruling party, KULMIYE said this in a time he attended a ceremony made for only woman appointed to become member of the National Electoral Committee.
Chairman Bihi added that Puntland’s accusations are baseless as they lack reasonable and rational grounds to prove them.
Minister for Information and National Guidance Mr. Abdilahi Dahir Ukuse on his side pointed out that it is unfortunate to see high profile members from Puntland state of Somalia condemning Somaliland of terrorism related issues.
“International community and regional states are well informed that Somaliland is one of the very few countries whose constitutions has clearly provides its constant and commitment on the fight against terrorism, and they likewise know that a lot of high profile members of the militant group (Alshabab) have been in the detention centers of Somaliland for several years.”
“The world knows that Somaliland had suffered several hideous terror attacks carried out by the militant group, Alshabab in several occasions, so how can it be possible to accuse terror related issues of a country with such incredible record in fighting against terrorists and pirates.”
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah