Somaliland: Opposition Political Parties Chiefs Depart the Country


Somalilandsun – Despite few days to their arranged meeting with president Muse Bihi the leaders of Somaliland opposition parties Wadani and UCID, Abdirahman Irro and Eng. Feisal A Warabe respectively are out of the country.

While the two opposition politicians are reported to be on private issues related travel abroad, the matter of agreeing on disputed composition of the national elections commission –NEC remains poignant.

A meeting to agree on the way forward thence a deadlock breaker on the postponed parliamentary and local council’s elections is set for January 10th at the Somaliland presidency in Hargeisa.

The forthcoming meeting if it takes place shall be the third in the span of a month, two others having been held in December.

The essence of the January 10th meeting is to reach a consensus on expediting the two postponed elections through putting in place a mutually acceptable NEC commission.

NEC has been the bone of contention within Somaliland political circles leading to postponement of elections for a period of over two years that has ensued with the International community raising a hue and cry.