Somaliland: Government Rejects Shipload of Expired and Spoiled Flour

Somaliland rejects expired flour

Somaliland sun- A ship is somewhere in the Gulf of Aden with a load of expired flour initially meant for Somaliland.

The ship was refused permission to offload its cargo of over 1500 bags of flour at the port of Berbera by operatives of the Somaliland Bureau of standards.

According to the Sahil regional coordinator of Somaliland bureau of standards Mr. Sahal Ali Warsame the ship load of flour was found to have been of sub-standard not only from date of expiry but following absorption of sea water.

The rejection of the flour ship load in Berbera by the standards bureau comes in the heels of a similar act at the Egal international airport in Hargeisa that saw alleged expired pharmaceuticals returned to Mogadishu where it was sourced from.

While the drugs are verified as having been returned to Mogadishu in Somalia, it is feared if the past is anything to go by that the rejected flour might resurface at the Berbera port in new gunny bags.