Somaliland: Opposition Parties Fueling Discord -Duhul


Gabile residents demonstrate in protest against the killing of a military officer in Qorilugud

By M.A. Egge
GABILE (Somalilandsun) – The state has accused the opposition parties of fueling breach of public order in Gebiley region.
Speaking in the aftermath of a chaotic public riots in the town on Friday, the Presidential spokesman Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Duhul said that it was mainly the mechanizations of the both opposition parties UCID and Wadani to cause chaotic situations in the province.
Mr. Duhul who was at the town, told our sister paper Dawan over the phone, “the government is not happy with the situation of the incidence that erupted in the riots”, he said while lambasting the opposition.
“We are saddened by the casualties and loss of property that happened”.
The spokesman said that the situation in the town was under control and that the populace had at last calmed down by the evening of the fateful day.
The riots were prompted by the slaying of two military commanding officers of Qorilugud base. Both the OC and his deputy were murdered last week by a non-commissioned officer who has since fled.
Mr. Duhul was particularly cross with UCID presidential aspirant Mr. Jamal Ali Hussein “It is quite shocking to see a presidential aspirant going public to sow seeds of discord to render the public asunder”, and added, “He lied when he said that the assailant was aided by being supplied with a vehicle to bolt”.

L-R Duhul and Jamal Ali the UCID presidential hopeful he fingered as instigator of the Gabile protests
Mr. Duhul made it clear that the slain officers were servants of their government and did not represent clans.
He said that the state had mourned their deaths and communicated to their respected families as per protocols.
“It is the state which lost”, he said, elaborating that, the late officers were dearer to their state than they were to Mr. Jamal.
Mr. Duhul decried seeing Wadani officials addressing the rioters, deeming them as mobilizers.
“I’m telling that party that they will never triumph in causing chaos here in Gebiley or in the country at large”, innuending the annotations that they had no grassroots support.
He warned them to stop engineering and peddling lies.
Mr. Jamal has yet to substantiate his claims.
The state has promised to hunt down the culprit wherever he goes.