Somaliland: Boy Dies after RRU Fear-filled Gabile Demonstrators Stampede


Gabile Demostration before RRU intervention

By: Mo Ali/Medeshi
Somalilandsun- A 10 year boy died and his mother was seriously injured after the RRU forces ran over them during demonstrations in Gabile town , 40 kilometers west of Hargeisa on Friday 19th of Sept 2014
The mother was holding the hand of her son when the incident happened. The mother was rushed to Gebiley hospital where she is reported to be in critical condition. 5 others who were injured in the demonstrations were also transferred to Gabile hospital .
The demonstrations were triggered by public discontent about the lack of action by Somaliland government against the killer of two Somaliland army officers who were shot in Qurilugud two days earlier.

Medics Nursing the wounded at the Gabile hospital

The people were complaining peacefully about the lack of action against the culprits that killed the army officers in Buhodle district when the RRU intervened.
A soldier shot two Somaliland military officers in Qurilugud two days ago and then fled to join Khatumo secessionists near Buhodle , according to local press reports

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