Somaliland: Only Kulmiye Party has the Necessary Experience to Solve the Country’s Problems” Muse Behi


Kulmiye party leader and Somaliland presidential aspirant Muse Behi

By: Omar Mohamed Farah

BORAME (Somaliland sun)- Chairman and presidential candidate of Somaliland’s ruling party KULMIYE, Mouse Bihi Abdi, expressed  their party  has longer political experiences than oppositions parties in the country. Adding they have to capacity to handle challenges   of politicians integrated in party.

Speaking on public address in Borame, capital of Awdal region, where delegation led by the  Vice president, Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail Sa’li arrived and met warm welcome from  thousands of KULMIYE’s supports congregated. Muse Bihi Said that Kulmiye has had to ability to pacify  differentiation  among the party’s senior officials when it comes to electing the political posts of the party.

He hailed some of the politicians who gave up their candidacy for the interest of  party.  And he said “our party has sufficient experience to manage his unity when the politicians compete the party’s leadership. To inform you Abdi Aziz Samale former finance minister had competed my post as presidential candidate we had in critical combat then he waived and supporting me without condition. On the other hand MP Saleban Ali Kore  was running as new speaker of the lower house we preferred him his rival Bashe Mohamed Farah and then Saleban accepted and Bashe was elected that post.”

Kulmiye flag bearer  pledges if elected the competence  of security  forces of country should be not disturbed by the opponent of Somaliland, adding he will concentrate of job creation to the youth of the country.

Muse Bihi  insisted the previous  political programs of the presidential election held in June  2010 mostly  implemented as intended.

He underlined  the ruling party has agreed and  picked to  MP Ahmed Yasin Sheikh Ali from Awdal region  to   be elected   First deputy speaker of parliament,  adding that vision became true.

“We supported him for his competence  and loyalty he is the youngest lawmaker in parliament and he will be suitable for his newly positon,”Said Mouse Bihi, and  expounding the three political parties KULMIYE, WADDANI and UCID  contested the new speaker and his party won that also he indicated obtained minor votes comparing to opposition  rivals.