Somaliland: Airspace Control and Recognition Fully Intertwined’ says Buba


As the Opposition Politician Speaks on the country’s Political, Economic and Recognition Status

Somaliland Opposition Politician Ismail Mahmud Hurre Buba

Somalilandsun- In an exclusive Interview with  Wargeyska Afrika, politician Ismail Mahmud Hurre ‘Buba’ gave his views as pertains the prevalent political and economic status of Somaliland as well as the disputed airspace control between the Hargeisa and Mogadishu governments
Buba who returned to Somaliland a while back after a lengthily stint in Somalia which he owed allegiance to, and held ministerial positions for is currently a senior member of Opposition Wadani Party .
On the society livelihood straining inflation that engulfs Somaliland, Politician Buba stressed on the imperatives of expeditiously effecting administration change in the country since the current Kulmiye party one, led by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has failed miserably.
Said he, “ the Somaliland shilling has lost its value thence resultant inflation with attendant lose of purchasing power, that have reduced citizens to paupers courtesy of poor of policies, fronted by self seeking senior officials only in office to enrich themselves corruptly”
According to the Opposition Wadani party official only a change of guard both at ruling party and presidency levels can undo the damage abused to the country’s economic wellbeing, while availing long suffering citizens a much needed respite.
On the political front here in Somaliland where presidential elections are slated for later in the Year, Ismail Buba was of the opinion that the necessary changes required in the country, are solely onus, of the national election commission .
“It is imperative that the electoral body operate without external including thence observe proper and independent conduct of elections as a prelude to free, fair and transparent presidential ballot come 13th November” said Buba as he revealed optimism in a majority win by his Wadani party.
Queried on the circuiting formation that Somalia has assumed control of Somaliland airspace, Buba said, “ knowledge based arguments are proper thence much need to raise public awareness on numerous issues, more so the alleged control of somalilamd airspace by Somalia.
Stressing on the fact that airspace control was similar to national sovereignty, ismail Buba said that the United nations has rules and laws in place governing how members operate and inter-relate
Stating that the disputed airspace was initially managed from Canada , before transfer to its current base in Kenya, the opposition politician said that until somalilamd is officially recognized as a sovereign country, 100% control and subsequent management of its airspace and related jurisdiction remains untenable
On the now 26 years somaliland elusive quest for international recognition as sovereign nation, Buba stressed on the fact of tactics that concentrate on pursuit of the 1960 Somaliland Independence granted by Great Britain as well as brotherly comprise with Somalia.

As a good example to the untenability of Somaliland arguments in the international front as per current status, in which Somalia occupies both countries seat at the UN, control of our airspace from Mogadishu was indisputable