Somaliland: One Dead as City Residents Protest Water Shortage


Hargeisa residents demonstrate against water shortage

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Capital city is back to calm after Riot police dispersed rioting residents.

One person reportedly a shoe shiner has died following police dispersal of demonstrating Residents from Sinai, October, Alamadaha and Mohamed Mooge estates of Hargeisa.

The demonstrations have been occasioned by the second day of water shortage that has ensued after private water distributor’s ceased work.

The demonstrators who embarked on their protests against the water shortage were confronted by live bullet firing police from the Rapid Reaction Unit-RRU and Special Police Unit-SPU who were reportedly dispatched to the estates early in the morning to deter any protests thence the use of live ammunitions that saw one die and others injured.

Crack RRU troops

The demonstrators were demanding the central government accede to the demand of the private water distributors whose water tankers they put out service until the authorities rescind the new road tax increments.

Meanwhile the spokes person of the water distributor’s cooperative Mr. Abdilahi Aided Haydn water tank owners informs that a number of their officials and drivers were put in custody after they were summoned for discussions with the authorities.

With the Hargeisa Water agency supplying water to a quarter of city residents the continued stoppage of services by the private distributors whose operation covers the remaining 75% of the city population and also including hospitals as well as the construction and hospital industries.

Water tankers arayed in their hundreds in joint anti-road tax protest in Hargeisa somaliland

For now the stand-off remains with the authorities bend on maintaining the new taxes and the water tankers of the private water distributors still parked.

To the third day since the water distributors started their stoppage of operations; neither the Hargeisa municipality nor the central government has issued a statement.

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