Somaliland: Oh Ye Enemies be Warned


Gen Shakale receives his rank from President Silanyo 

Somalilandsun – Signals must have been received by all and sundry that national security is paramount to the being, in its entirety of the republic of Somaliland.

The now established chain of command instituted following the awarding of ranks within the armed forces as well as the enhancement of operational capacities is proof that our security forces have matured to adulthood.

With 19 years of experience and subsequent successes in maintaining national security and keeping marauding and bloodthirsty enemies at bay, the ranking of officers further reinforces the statures of these men and women who gallantly stand at watch for our safety.

KUDOS to President Silanyo for his bravery in implementing the much sought for Armed Forces rankings.

BRAVO to our gallant officers for walking tall with pride in their star studded epaulettes which were formerly bare.

CONGRATULATIONS to our armed forces for their 19 years of diligent, resilient, and unwavering loyal service to Somaliland

By: Mohamed Rambo, Editor in Chief of the Geeska Afrika Media group, Hargeisa Somaliland