Somaliland: Non Shall be Allowed to Undermine National Security


Warns presidency minister as he issues a Stern warning to media outlets allegedly undermining integral national security
Somaliland journalists at apress Brieifng at the presidency in Hargeisa

By M.A.Egge
Somalilandsun- The state will always be vigilant against media outlets which disseminate items that would undermine the integral security of Somaliland nationhood and dent the country’s image.
This strong conviction of stern warning was stated by the minister of the Presidency Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi who further warned that it would sue any journalist who perpetrates such anti-SL propaganda which are subversive hence precarious to the national security.
The minister expressed the sentiments at a major function hosted by the city Mayor in honour of the just concluded Berbera Port investiture Green Plaza Hotel.
He was evidently irked by the fact that a section of the local media has been furnishing malicious lies tailored to jeopardize and countermand the DP World-Berbera Port deal hence nip it in the bud.
“I praise the majority of the independent media who were positive deservedlyas far as the issue was concerned”, said the minister, but decried, “Unfortunately a section of the press peddled malicious lies insinuating that the deal had failed whereas the rest of the world held our name dear and in high esteem”.
He wondered how such gross misdemeanor could be done by a section of the members of the press to the detriment of the nation given that the transactions were transparent since there was a third party signatory.
He was quite categorical that the Fourth Estate was supposed to be unbiased and that it was never supposed to be used as partisan clippers.
“The nation does not belong to Kulmiye or Ahmed Silanyo (the President) but it belongs to the populace”, said the minister.
“This country was redeemed from gun-toting people hence it shall never be ruined by ‘pen-totters’ ”. He said.
He explained that thugs and bandits who were armed were everywhere causing havoc (by then) and that they were rogued out, and as to such, black mailing through the power of the pen shall never be allowed especially when the national security is at stake.
The minister lamented that such abuses has always been perpetrated against the head of state with all his dignity, his wife, honourable ministers etc.
Warning that the independent media has no freedom to abuse individuals (or institutions) with such impunity, he cautioned that acts against national security will be dealt with the seriousness it deserves.
Saying that as responsible they (leaders) have the wisdom to persevere some trivialities but criticisms should always be justifiably constructive.
He repeated for the umpteenth time in his cautionary speech that the integral security and the image of the state as a nation shall never be allowed at any one time to be undermined, ridiculed, destabilized or subverted in any way.