Somaliland: Major function in support of Berbera Port investiture


Somaliland government officials and political leaders at a meeting celebrating DP world contract in Hargeisa

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The Minister of the Presidency Hon. Mohamud Hashi Abdi underscored the importance of the Berbera Port investment deal as far as the country’s economy and development was concerned.
Speaking at a function in honour of the deal in which the DP World is to take over the port’s management and inject several hundred millions of US dollars to the country’s economy, the minister said that it was a major deal of monumental proportions which took five whole months.
He thanked the President, the VP, his colleagues, the legislative council, and all those who supported the efforts towards clinching the deal, including the section of the positively inclined media fraternity.
He explained that a team from a UK legal firm who’s for work force had 1600 lawyers backed them throughout the transaction.
Somaliland citizens from all walks of life were also invited So too, he said, werea team of financial experts that they retained from a major international firm.
He said that they had to be cautious because the issue was a long term one in which the agreement’s time frame is enshrined and that it was imperative to be transparent.
Hon. Hashi was one of the team members who negotiated for SL.
The function which was held at Green Plaza Hotel was also graced by the members of Somaliland negotiation team who were in Dubai for the signing ceremony which included the FM Hon. Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, Planning Minister Hon. Ali Hussein, Berbera Port CEO A. Y. Dirir, SL ambassador to the UAE H.E.BasheAwil Omar who all part of the SL team.
Present with them there was the VP himself H.E. Abdirahman A. Ismael, and UCID Chairman Feisal Ali. They all returned to the country on Thursday.
Those who spoke at the function were the host, Hargeisa Mayor Cllr. Abdirahman, Suldan Ahmed Dahir (a traditional leader), Ismael Abdi Hussein who spoke on behalf of the businesses fraternity, Mustaffa Sa’ad of SONSAF, Dr. Edna Aden, Hon. Abdilqadir Indo who represented the Gurti, Hon. Ali Gabiley who represented the parliament (lower house).

Somaliland security forces were amply represented at the function
Eng.. Feisal Ali who spoke on behalf of the opposition A. Hinif who represented the ruling party, Berbera Mayor and Hon. Ali Hussein who was in fact the Spokesperson of the SL negotiating team.