Somaliland: No Panic, for History Shows Nation is Resilient


Somalilanders go about their daily chores despite resignation of several ministers

Somalilandsun – Some of the people of Somaliland around world are frightened by the news of the group of ministers and other government officials announced their resignations collectively. I would like to remind you that this country has now existed and functioned as an independent state for half a century, it has been through many challenging and difficult times in which was successfully managed and coped well.

Today, Somaliland is in the most robust and advanced stage of its new history with more experience and means to deal with any political or security tensions that may arise from time to time as part of the nature of human character.

Alhamdullilah, we have a strong nation led by a great leader supported by the most widely represented party of the country, protected by the strongest ever national security services – police, military, intelligence, other services – and constantly monitored and observed by the most alert and vigilante civilian citizens in the whole world.

The issue of group resignations may be a new phenomenon in Somaliland politics, but the good news is that President Silanyo is a veteran die hard politician and an expert in crises management who knows how to be in control and lead the country at difficult times. We all witness how promptly he started to handle the situation, showing his confidence and leadership to address the issue sharply and to the point in the most appropriate way without leaving a room for any rumours, gossips or negative opinion spreaders. More remarkably, he immediately followed up with the announcement of new ministers to fill up the gaps vacated without any delay.

On the other hand, Kulmiye Party and its leadership have the capacity, with a proven track record, to handle conflicts in peaceful and democratic manner. The chairman of the party, Musa Behi Abdi, has already made a beautiful speech to calm the situation down; stressing the unity of the party is paramount. He appealed to the complaining group and promised a fair and transparent contest with the presence of the media, in the coming central committee conference.

My fellow citizens, I share and appreciate your concerns but, I assure you, our country is as safe and secure as ever and in good hands as well. This minor incident created by respectable but disgruntled former government officials will not rock or shake our country.

Adam Jama

Hargeisa, Somaliland