Somaliland: Mass Cabinet Resignations Were Ill Willed says MP Artan


despite mass resignations president Silanyo remains firmly in control

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun – A legislative member lambasted the mass resignation of over half a dozen cabinet members hence termed their act of quilting government as “ill-motivated” calculated to rock the boat.

Hon. Abdirahman Yusuf Artan, a member of parliament in the lower House of Representatives expressed dismay at the tentative exodus act exhibited by several senior cabinet members by saying that they wanted to short-change the government such that the prompt exit would rock and stutter the smooth administrative governance.

“Their action was uncalled for and misplaced since they were supposedly responsible persons”, said the MP while talking to Dawan newspaper on Friday night.

Somaliland MP Abdirahman Yusuf ArtanHe emphasized that, “They wanted to cause damage to the government with total disregard to the national statehood”.

MP Artan said that the state was not dented a bit hence “the nation would not limp for merely a faction or an individual”

Saying that the Head of State invoked superb crisis managerial acumen and immediately replaced them swiftly in a decisively pragmatic manner.

“The new officials are quite apt and capable to run in their appointed portfolios”, said Hon. Artan.

He added, “The President should work with those who profess to his policies”.

On the other hand the MP accused the 2nd and 3rd vice chairmen of the ruling party of wanting to cause chaos in the organization and derail the forth-coming KULMIYE convention which is only a week and a half away.

“Given the manner the disgruntled risignees and Waabeye and Talyanle talk, they want to wreck the party’s convention”, he said.

Resgined from Top Left ministers Hirsi Mohamed Behi Abdiwahid Abdirazaq Aideed and Ms Qawdan hadhwanaag He termed their innuendoes as “being against regulatory procedural processes” for they do not want to attend the convention after sensing defeat.