Somaliland: No New Agreements on Shared Offices with Somalia in Turkey


Mogadishu ought to first have an Embassy in Hargeisa

By: Ahmed Daar

Somalilandsun – The Somaliland government has declared the former agreement with Somalia to seat a shared air-traffic control office in Hargeisa, in the words of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mohamed A. Omer, as null and void.

Mogadishu thankfully abrogated the agreement unilaterally in collaboration with or in the behest of ICAO. (Perhaps ICAO finds the air control office headquartered in Mogadishu more profitable.) In the first place, you don’t enter into agreements with someone, like Somalia, who does not have the final say in his own affairs. Agreements of cooperation with Somalia should only and only happen after Somalia had opened an embassy In Hargeisa.

It is very relieving to hear that the new Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mohamed B. Yonis has stressed, according to the Somaliland Sun of 3rd Nov. 2013, during his recent visit to London on the 2nd of Nov ‘that the ultimate and most important objective of the Turkey government hosted talks between Somaliland and Somalia on 8th November 2013 is nothing but the final separation between the two formerly united countries and nothing less’. Well said, such a position only is palatable to the Somaliland public: It puts the cart behind the horse. Any useful bilateral agreements are welcome afterwards. Hopefully the outcome of the present talks will satisfy the yearning of Somalilanders to free them from this sticky situation.

Indeed, the present position of Somalia is more hostile to Somaliland than its former cruel occupation and attempted genocide of Somalilanders.

Hollow solicitations for brotherly forgiveness should not be heeded. Such sentimentalities as ‘we are all Somalis … we speak the same language … we share the same culture and the same religion, etc, etc should not dictate our foreign policy toward Somalia. You don’t forgive someone who is obstructing your way to attain the thing closest to your heart. Somalia should re-earn our forgiveness, not by empty utterances of brotherhood but in actual words and deeds by simply getting out of our way.

Mogadishu hosts emissaries from countries which regard it as a ‘failed state’ and maintains un-respected ambassadors in some foreign capitals. Mogadishu is perhaps happy with this situation: being despised by others, which can sometimes be its enemies.

Where things stand now, to us Somalia is another country, another foreign country, with which we have no brotherly relations. Opening an embassy in Hargeisa, if and only if Somalilanders would agree in a referendum, might help Mogadishu regain some measure of respect among Somalilanders and in the international arena.

Other friendly countries, like Ethiopia, Djibouti, Turkey, and hopefully soon Egypt, France, Sweden, UK and USA can have representative offices in lieu of embassies in Hargeisa since Somaliland is not fully diplomatically recognized, but Somalia ought not to have anything less than a fully fledged embassy In Hargeisa.

For Somalia to have an embassy in Hargeisa is foremost in the interest of Mogadishu.