Somaliland: No Movement In or Out as Government Closes Borders


By: Latifa Yusuf HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Anybody wishing to enter or exit theAll Somaliland borders are temporarily closed until after local council elections country will have to wait until after elections. This was announced by the minister of interior Hon Mohamed Duur Arale who further informed that the entire security personnel who have been placed on high alert are manning the borders to ensure compliance. The border closure which took became effective as from 4 pm (GMT +3) on 27th Nov shall be in place until after the local council elections to be held from 6am until 6pm (GMT +3) on the 28th November.

Said he, “The country’s borders have been closed to facilitate security during local council elections and shall be opened immediately NEC declares the election as complete” On behalf of the government of the republic of Somaliland I Sincerely apologize to the visitors or nationals inconvenienced by this action” Said Duur The interior minister who informed of the border closure through a press statement released by his office further informed that all vehicle movements has been banned except for those with authorization from the National Election commission-NEC and Security forces on high alert nationwidebearing stickers supplied by the election body. Hon Duur Arale further repeated the governments’ appeal for citizens to participate in the elections peacefully; (original appeal send through SMS) also requested the citizens to assist security forces in ensuring that security is maintained nationwide. As per the incident in Lughaya that claimed a life as well as the one in Erigavo where residents demonstrated against the election body the security chief said that the situation is back to normal and elections shall be undertaken as planned. Residents of Lughaya and Erigavo were protesting against the decision of reducing or amalgamating polling centres by NEC, an action the residents claimed was geared towards denying them, their democratic and constitutional rights of electing leaders and political parties of their choice.