Somaliland: No Cost Shall be Spared in Defense of Our Sovereignty Says Guurti Elders


Somalilandsun- The speaker of the senate Hon.Suleiman Mohammud Adan has confirmed that the Federal Government of Somalia has mobilized her military on the border Somaliland. He urged the senators to support president Musa Bihi Abdi stance to be hard on Mogadishu.
According to the Guurti chairman the Somalia AMISOM propped government has militarized the Somaliland-Somalia border with artillery mounted vehicles and tanks to coax Somaliland into another proxy war.
The upper House of Parliament passed a motion in support for the protection of Somaliland independence from Somalia. The speaker speaking after the legislators had passed the bill into law he urged Somaliland citizens to be ready to defend their country from the weak Somalia government.
During the parliamentary session 46 members of 82 strong house of elders was present to vouch for defense of Somaliland sovereignty. Hon.Suleiman stated that the Somalia government leaders spend sleepless nights to plot how they could cause chaos in Somaliland. “These people don’t want to see Somaliland harvest the fruit of peace and development but have ulterior motives.”
The Guurti chairman said “Somalia is preparing to invade Somaliland, we have intelligence that her military hardware is being deployed at the border heavy military machinery is being off loaded from trucks, it’s our responsibility as people’s representatives to mobilize our country men to be vigilant we also send a strong message to the international community to be wary of Mogadishu ploy to sow discord in a volatile Horn region.”
He stated that Somaliland government will not be cowed by Mogadishu which seeks to destroy whatever development Somaliland Has achieved. Hon. Suleiman said that Somalia needs to put her house in order first he cited the Somalia parliament which is in disarray and plotting to remove their speaker.
By:Guleid Abdi Maher


  1. It’s as clear as broad daylight that civil strife,terror stricken, war mongering , the the weak and the failed Mogadishu based failed government of Somalia is bracing for war with Somaliland Republic. It keeps on provoking Somaliland at every turn.It’s said to amassed weapons and troops in Puntland in readiness to commit an act of aggression against Somaliland Republic. It will be the last straw that will break the camel’s back for Somalia is no match for Somaliland militarily- so to speak. Somaliland will repulse,vanquish and capture the failed government of Somalia within days, if not hours.Somaliland is militarily superior to Somalia. Somaliland is a functioning government whereas Somalia is not .

  2. Suleiman, waagii aad Banadir Boarding Secondary School principal-ka ka ahayd ayaa Soomaali nimadu ku weyneyd. Brobagandada raqiiska ah waxaan ka filanaya rayidka waligood aanan ka bixin Somaliya, iyo jiilka ku barbaaray ama ku dhashay been sheegii iyo beel habaajinti. Marnaba kama fileyn waxgarad waayeel ah oo adigoo kale ah in aad barabogaanda raqiis ah. Waa xaal aduun.