Somaliland: NEC Starts Phase Two of Voter Registration in Maroodi-jeeh


Commissioner Kaltun Sh Hasan in charge of NEC Voter registration for Somaliland elections in Hargeisa

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Residents in the capital Hargeisa who have not yet registered as voters have the opportunity to do so in the next fourteen days.
This was revealed by the National Election Commission – NEC during a press conference in Hargeisa in which it was also informed that the first phase of voter registration in Maroodi-jeeh Region of which the capital is part of has completed successfully without any reported incidences of attempts to register twice.
During the press conference the commissioner in charge of voter registration in Maroodi-jeeh Region Ms. Kaltun Mohammed Kasim informed that phase two of voter registration starts immediately and shall be under taken for fourteen days in the five districts namely.
1. Mohamud Heibe
2. Ahmed dhagax
3. 26 June
4. Ga’an Libah and
5. Koodbuur
Commissioner Kaltun further informed that each district has two designated voter registration sites where all residents of the capital not yet registered shall be served in the duration specified while those eligible are from the age of 15 years and above.
Said she, “although the official voting age is 16 years and above NEC is allowing the registration of those currently 15 years of age because by the time of next Presidential and Parliamentary Elections slated for 2016 they shall be of age”.
While thanking residents of Maroodi-jeeh for having fully participated in the registration exercise commissioner Kaltun Mohammed Kasim stressed on the importance of having a voters card thus urged those not yet in the register to take advantage of the extended period and register.
So far the National Electoral Commission has under taken voter registration in the regions of Awdal, Togdeer and Sahil and upon completion of the exercise in Maroodi-jeeh similar activities shall be transferred to the eastern regions of Sool and Sanaag.