Somaliland: DP World Berbera Port Development a National Milestone


Berbera Port

Somalilandsun- This column is elated for indeed that we wished and hoped for, hence loudly revealed our thoughts about, has come to pass.
The MoU that was signed over the week at Dubai between the Dubai Port World (DP) is indeed a God-send opportunity.
Hon. Sahardid has explained and elaborated to the nation quite well.
Of all companies who sought to invest in Berbera Port, the DP has shown in its proposals to have deeper interests in their hearts for the benefits of the people of Somaliland, more than their competitors.
Given that over 440 million dollars go to the expansion and modernizations of Berbera Port, the revelations are that more than that amount would go to various sectors of development.
This news not only goes down well, but more than what we had contemplated in this column.
We say Kudos to the Head of State and to the SL rep in the UAE Amb. Bashe.
We in the same breath hail the President for having clinched this deal on the eve of the 25th (silver Jubilee) celebration of the 18th May independence celebrations day.
This God-send chance has coincided with our silver Jubilee independence anniversary.
How wonderful! How Wonderful!
To Somalilanders, it is so obvious that there is no need to substantiate further the significance of what has happened and what the whole issue entails.
It is a fact that enemies of the land and the people of Somaliland are not happy at all, nor will ever be, at the developmental positive steps that takes place here.
If anything, they would stretch themselves at great lengths to make sure that they sabotage us by nipping us at the bud before we off-shoot.
They have always been doing this before, they are doing it now and will be doing it in the future.
As for us, the SL patriots we should always counter our foes efforts as we have always been doing. Thus by not only thinking SL first but most important being real Somalilanders.
Our aspirations should always be at the forefront hence be the pillar of our unity. Our journey to free ourselves completely and thence join the international community round tables with full integrity should not be blocked by any doomsayers.
We have all the capacity needed to stand for our rights.
To achieve this, we should always stand out to be counted all times. We should stand tall. We should raise our voices to be heard far and wide.
All this should be done in unity, in solidarity, through oneness and through peaceful stability.
That is how we have reached where we are today hence we should never jeopardize it.
We see the likes of international Djibouti entrepreneur Abdirahman Boore have just advised, on the same, in the same manner!
He has asked Somalilanders to unite when it comes to the national interest!
He is definitely a friend of SL and a sympathizer.
We call upon fellow patriots to toe the cue expected of us, support the needful cause and not only exhibit but further the cause of patriotism.
Thanks, again, you Excellence and congratulations to you and all Somalilanders who have overwhelmingly supported you.
Editorial6 680x365An original editorial of The Horn Tribune aqn English language weekly published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan media group