Somaliland: NEC Sets Local Council Electioneering Deadlines


NEC Comissioners set local Council election deadlines By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Civil servants wishing to contest local council elections should resign by the end of August.

The National Election Commission’s-NEC spokesperson Mr. Ahmed Hirsi Gelle revealed this in a press statement in which he also asked contesting parties to submit lists of their prospective candidates latest 1 pm on 14/09/2012.

The election body informing of the civil service and candidate list submission NEC also warned the prospective candidates and parties that failure to beat the deadline will result in disqualification.

All prospective candidates are also required to submit their ID cards, Curriculum Vitae’s as well as a letter confirming that their candidacy was voluntary and not by coercion.

The NEC deadline applies to the three national political parties and the six newly registered political groups that have are currently entitled to participate in the country’s second local council elections that are slated for 28th November 2012.

NEC also revealed that campaigning for the local council elections will begin 29th October to 25th November 2012 thus a two days rest before elections on 28th of November.

“It is therefore imperative that all contesting parties adhere to the deadlines thus facilitate ease of electioneering” said Ahmed H Gelle

According to the NEC, all lists of candidates that are to be availed at the respective offices of the election body at the related 23 districts nationwide before 1 pm on 14/09/2012 must contain the exact number of names thus each party must submit 21 candidates for Maroodi-Jeeh-Hargeisa and so forth.

As per new arrangements, contesting parties can either have candidates in all the 23 local councils or less as per their respective wishes.

Though he did not provide reasons the spokesperson also revealed that local council elections would not be held in the two districts of Taleeh and Las-qoray in Sool and Sanag regions respectively.