Somaliland: NEC Expected to Release Final Election Results


As Kulmiye and Wadani Parties claim first and second Position, UCID, Haqsoor and Ummada Parties Competing for thDalsan is out of contentione third position.

By Yusuf M. Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Full results of the Local Council Elections are expected to be announced on Thursday 6th December 2012.

The National Election Commission – NEC which has released partial results of Local Council Elections which were held on 28th November 2012 will announce the full and final National Election Result on Thursday.

This was revealed by the NEC Chairman Mr. Essa Yusuf Mohamed (Hamari), during a press conference at the NEC Headquarters where journalists had assembled in anticipation of the final results as promised by NEC.

So far, NEC which has managed to make public results from the five regions of Sanaag, Toghdeer, Awdal, Sool and Sahil is yet to release the much anticipated outcome of the Local Council Elections for Marodi Jeeh Region of which the capital city Hargeisa is also the regional capital.

The partial results released by NEC so far indicate that the ruling Kulmiye party is leading the race followed by the Wadani party led by Abdirahman Irro who is the speaker of Parliament while Ummada, UCID and Haqsoor parties are in contention for the third position.

The Local Council Elections which are used to elect members of the 21 local governments in the country will determine which of the seven contesting parties and associations become registered parties for a life span of a decade.

The constitution of Somaliland stipulates that only three political parties are allowed registration, as this lessens the prospect of the population dividing itself according to clan and/or region affiliations.

The 28th, November, Local Council Elections, which were observed by 50 international Observers from 18 countries and 800 Local Observers had seven contesting political groups that fielded 2,368 candidates for the 350 seats within the country’s 21 local governments.