Somaliland: Erigavo Police Pursue Assassin


By: Yusuf M Hasan

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – A man has died after he was shot outside a mosque in Erigavo by an unknown gunman.

The Police in Erigavo are investigating the fatal shooting to death of the late Bashir Jama Yare, who was shot by civilian immediately he came out of the main mosque in Erigavo town where he was performing his Maqrib (evening) prayers.

According to reporter Abdilahi Darwish, Police have not yet stated reasons behind the brutal killing of the innocent civilian, although they indicate that their investigation show that man they are pursuing is from north of the Sanaag region.

The late Bashir who was taken to Erigavo Hospital where he died of the bullet wounds last evening was buried today in the morning by relatives who promised to maintain peace while Police pursue the killer.

This killing comes after a lengthily hiatus of similar acts in Erigavo town and the wider Sanaag region where wanton killings used to be the order of the day in the past before the Silanyo government intervened and reconciled the different clans that reside in the region.

It is hoped that Police will apprehend the killer of late Bashir thus ensure peaceful co-existence is maintained.