Somaliland: NEC Dispute Probe Commission Established

I am cognizant of the  importance of a fully functional region administration in  Security and State Building; says Somaliland president Bihi

Somalilandsun:  President Muse Bihi Abdi, has appointed a five-member committee to investigate the administrative dispute within the Somaliland national Elections Commission-NEC

A statement from the Somaliland presidency said that having  acknowledged that administrative and financial disputes within the commission could jeopardize their work, he appointed a five-member commission of inquiry:

The independent investigation committee  is composed of Mohamed Jama Abdi, Farhan Mohamed Ali, Said. Hassan Habbane, Ahmed Saleban Jama and Bashir Abdi Harir.

The statement said, “The commission will investigate issues such as the management and financial system of the commission, the procurement system and contracts for services and equipment of the commission, the management system and the registration of the commission’s assets.”

President Bihi stated that his actions were guided by a report from the auditor General and subsequent clashing statements from NEC alluding to change of Leadership

An administrative dispute affecting the work of the Somaliland Electoral Commission erupted on April 27, when a letter was issued stating that the commission had elected a new chairman, and another letter stating that no new chairman had been elected and that the previous letter had been erroneous. came out.

At the time of the dispute, the Electoral Commission was in the process of preparing for the elections that are expected to take place in Somaliland later this year.