Somaliland: National Intelligence Service Confirms Arrest of Suspected Terrorists


Police conduct swoops/fileBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun)-The National Intelligence service has confirmed that it has arrested three of its officers on suspicion of terrorism links, as reported by Jamhuriya Newspapers.

In its edition of 3/03/2013 Vol 5065 the Jamhuriya newspaper published in its front page an item titled “Intelligence Officers Arrested in Hargeisa.

In a press statement in which the national intelligence service confirmed the arrest also provided members of the public a three pointed advice:

1. The recently approved Intelligence Service Law gives the security forces legal authority to arrest and detain any person be it an ordinary citizen, civil servant or member of any branch of the security forces for investigation.

2. The people reported by the Newspapers together with others are in custody for investigation

3. Finally be informed that there are ongoing broad based anti-terrorism operations nationwide by various security agencies.

We therefore ask citizens to cooperate with security agencies and inform on any person known to be a terrorist or has terrorism links regardless of his/her station in life and without fear or favour.

The statement also informed citizens not to fear being arrested without cause since the security agencies are pursuing people who have been under surveillance for some time thus a need to undertake intense investigations.