Somalia: A made in the Security Council Catastrophe Awaiting to Happen


By: Yusuf Dirir Ali, ‘MD’

Somalilandsun – In the last few months, the Somalia (ex-Italian Somalia) President went on nonstop international tours. The aim of his tour was not to seek food assistance for the millions that are starving few meters away from his luxurious palace in Mogadishu, he did not go on expensive world tour to ask the International community to build schools for the millions of school-age Somalia children that do not have the possibilities of going to schools, his expedition was not aimed to either seek the construction of a prosthetic legs’ factory or the construction of hospitals for the hundreds of thousands of civil war amputees and others in dire need for healthcare in that anarchic country.

Guess what? The man asked for more arms to destroy the lives of his surviving countrymen, women and children – the tourist Somalia (ex-Italian Somalia) President was on tour to ask for the lifting of the UNO imposed arms embargo in Somalia to naively put the international peace and order in jeopardy.

The Security Council did not condemn Somalia’s evil political monster and did not stop him to accomplish his malicious wishes, but instead, they guy was welcomed with open hands in the most important world capitals and his evil wishes were fulfilled by none other than the Security Council of the United Nations and without any reliable restrictions.

The selected Somalia President is now granted the permission to obtain arms from anywhere – he can even acquire arms from his like-minded Iranian and North Korean friends. Why Iran and North Korea? Because Somalia is bankrupt and will not afford to pay for the sky-rocketing military hardware made in the Security Council member countries. Tough luck, there goes the poor Somalians’ aspirations for peace, but also the profitable hopes of the military industries in the permanent Security Council member countries. This is nothing but a victorious opportunity for Iran and its allies to get a bigger foot hold in the Horn of Africa and to create a new supply line for its international terror machines above and beyond Yemen.

Then again, the aim of President Hassan and his chosen prime Minister is to consolidate power in their hands and take revenge on the Somalia clans that resist their clannish power-grasping activities. President Hassan and his Prime Minister aim to neutralize clans that resist their political ambitions. This duo can not exercise a full control on either the stock bails of arms they obtain nor on their soldiers. It is know fact, the Somalia soldiers are members of the National Army during the day time and Al-Shabab foot soldiers, rapists and robbers at night fall. No one is even certain if the President and his Prime Minister hold in the piracy business or are collaborators of Al-Shabab. The two have been friends for long time and worked together in many tasks in the past according to Mr. Hassan. The nature of their past collaboration is not revealed, but what is well known to the Mogadishu residents is that Mr. Shirdoon, the Prime Minister is openly a major importer of Kat (qat) dealer – Kat is a USA, most EU countries, Canada and Gulf countries legally prohibited drug.

Mogadishu is transformed into one-clan city, instead of being the capital city for all Somalians. A new civil war is already brewing in Kismayo between the native clans and migrant Somalian clans from other Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenyan regions. The leaders of those two groups are paid and encouraged to fight proxy wars for Somalia’s neighboring countries. There is a Kenyan army in Kismayo and Kenya is anxiously trying to annex the oil-rich Somalia offshore in the Indian Ocean near Kismayo and even Kismayo city, which is the second largest city in Somalia and is located in the Somalia-Kenyan border.

The politically stable, peaceful and democratic Republic of Somaliland to the north of Somalia will not be immune to Somalia upcoming disasters . Somaliland is now the home for hundreds of thousand of Somalia refugees, who sought refuge looking for a peaceful and politically stable neighboring country. There are also many Somalia families that moved mainly from Europe and North America; they came to Somaliland for the low cost of living in comparison to the Western countries. God forbid, if the twosome in the Somalia leadership successes in their horrible plan, then there will not only be more refugees flooding into Somaliland, but also a large number of Al-shabab members will take advantage and cross the Somaliland-Somalia borders disguising as legitimate refugees. In that case, Al-shabab will in a minute become a stone throw away from Ethiopia, Djibouti and the Gulf of Aden.

Pushing Al-Shabab terrorists to the North and radicalizing many clans in Somalia (ex-Italian Somalia) is a lethal cocktail and will cause unprecedented victory for rogue nations like Iran and Al-shabab terrorists. This will create a dangerous free to go zones for terrorist and sea pirates on either side of the Gulf of Aden, which is one of the most important maritime routes in the entire world. This tragic scenario, which is currently unfolding in front our eyes will not be confined to the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden water-ways, but will bring terrorism and piracy to the door-steps of the oil–rich Arabian Gulf countries, the crucial source of the international energy reserves. As a consequence, the economic the negative ramifications from the proliferation of piracy and terrorism in that region will hit hard on the pockets of international consumers.

I think the solution of the Somalia problem is not pouring more fuel in to the fire by following the bankrupt ideas of ignorant Somalia leader and definitely not more arms supplies to a region that is already suffering from the harsh consequences of armed struggle that lasted more than two decades and is presently saturated with arms.

The bona fide solution is to prevent more civil wars in Somalia in a simple and cost effective means. The international community must keep the Somalia arms embargo in place and must give more humanitarian assistance and must reconstruct the Somaliland and Somalia institutions and infrastructures. This will create more job opportunities for both countries and entice the youth to participate in nation building in Somalia and development schemes in Somaliland at a fraction price of what it now costs to fight piracy and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.

Giving a pragmatic support to the international recognition and investment in Somaliland will not only contribute immensely to the creation of prosperous, stable and peaceful Horn of Africa, but will be good for the entire world peace and prosperity.

Somaliland if recognized will play a major role in the reconstitution of a peaceful and a responsible country out of this chaotic present day Somalia. After all, Somalilanders have built a functioning and democratic country out of the ashes left by the Somalia dictatorship. what is more, Somalilanders understand the Somalia problems, culture and history better than any other entity including the UNO Security Council member countries. A commonsensical thinking and following simple constructive steps can prevent a made in the UNO catastrophe to happen in the Horn of Africa.