Somaliland National Examination Board (SLNEB) Chairman Announces National Exams Dates


Somaliland National Examination Board (SLNEB) Chairman Announces National Exams Dates

Ministry of Education, has announced the dates for Somaliland national examination. Addressing the press, the chairman of SLNEB Mr Daud Ahmed Farah, revealed that the national exams for 2022-2023; will commence on 17th June 2023.

Chairman of Somaliland National Examination Board (SLNEB) issued a stern warning to candidates sitting for the exams, he said “I’m categorically clear here, mobile phones and electronic gadgets,are not allowed in the examination room.”

He informed parents; to ensure their children not to carry electronic gadgets to schools on exams day. The examination tsar, warned invigilators against colluding with students, to steal the examination. He confirmed those found trying to cheat the examination; will be penalised on the spot, they will be disqualified.

The minister of education Mr.Ahmed Direye Torno, addressing the at his office, announced “Today 6th June 2023, I announce the date for Somaliland National Examination for primary and secondary schools, the exams calendar was slated for 10th June 2023, but because of the electoral commission was using some school facilities for issuance of voters cards, we have deliberated 17th June 2023, as the new date for the national exams.”

Minister of education Mr.Torno, revealed that 41,000 candidates registered of the examination. He confirmed that 16000 secondary students, will seat for this year’s examination.

The education minister told candidates, to avoid cheating, since it goes against the teaching; of noble prophet of Almighty Allah Muhammad PBUH.

In another development,the minister of education, informed that 3200 students, from Sool region of Somaliland; will be graded according, to their last exams, because of the ongoing war in Las Anod.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir