Somaliland: National Drought Relief Kitty Benefits Badhan Residents

Somaliland: National Drought Relief Kitty Benefits Badhan Residents
Water delivered to drought affected residents of Badhan district in Sanaag region Somaliland.

Somalilandsun: Emergency Relief to drought affected citizens of Somaliland continue to trickle on almost a daily basis.
The Relief efforts are being overseen by the National Drought Relief Committee which is chaired by the Vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail ‘Sayli’
In far-flung Dhanaha village in Badhan district, Sanaag region residents hard hit by Drought were availed water courtesy of the atonal Relief Committee.
The water catered by hired water bowsers was delivered by the local District Secretary Ali Ahmed Barre.
Upon commending the VP Sayli led Committee for its national wide efforts, the District secretary promised residents that the Somaliland government would escalate not only its emergency but long term Relief delivery to residents of Badhan and the wider Sanaag region.
Elders and local elders in Dhanaha Village thanked the Vice President and the Drought Relief Committee for regular supplies of food and water during this harsh times.
Somaliland has been a victim of recurrent drought that have seriously affected Livestock production which is the backbone of Somaliland’s economy with up to 80% of the her export income generated by sales of sheep, goat, camel and cattle.

Somaliland: National Drought Relief Kitty  Benefits Badhan Residents
Tawakal Transporters Association hand over drought Relief donation to Somaliland VP Abdirahman Sayli in Hargeisa

Latest to contribute to the kitty is the Tawakal Transporters Association which plies its trade connecting Somaliland and Djibouti.
At a function held at the presidency in Hargeisa where the VP is acting on behalf of his boss President Muse Bihi currently in the USA on an official state visit, Tawakal Transporters handed over a $5000 donation to the National Drought Relief Kitty.
The drought appeal by the administration of President Bihi was launched at the 88th session of the cabinet, that saw each minister pledge a month’s paymonth’s pay