Somaliland Deserves UK Recognition-Petition


Somalilandsun: Since 1991, and its proclamation of independence following The war that resulted in about 200,000 deaths, Somaliland has existed as a de facto independent nation separate from Somalia, legally unrecognised by the international community.
As a result, cut off from international assistance

Somaliland needs to take its right place among international community so it can be a partner to democratic nations like the UK.
We, therefore, want the UK Government to formally recognise Somaliland as an independent country.
We believe recognising Somaliland as an independent nation will help promote democracy and good governance as well as make the expats life easier to travel and send money between UK and Somaliland.
The war of independence between Pakistan and Bangladesh. The British government did not say that Pakistan should determine the future of the independence of what became Bangladesh. So why should we have to depend on the undemocratic and unstable Somalia.

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