Somaliland: National Crime Rate Up 2% in 2016-Police Report


Somaliland police transport suspected criminals to court in HARGEISA-file photo

By M.A. Egge

Somalilamd sun – The national crime rate has upped by two percent this year. According to the police chief operations commander Col. Mohammed Duale Ali stated that 18,559 cases were recorded this year whereas in 2015 it was 18,089.

The commander who attributed the increase to corresponding population and also hooliganism on part of youth gave the figures in a speech during the 23rd Anniversary of the National Police Force on Thursday.

The range of cases in question varies from simple conning to murders.

He said that of all the cases recorded this year 3325 were found to be not binding.

Of the remainder 886 cases were settled amicably, between warrying parties, 1758 cases were still under investigations and 6596 cases were taken to court.

The commander further said that, for instance, murders above numbered 71 cases with 69 suspects of the cases already nabbed with only 6 at large. He said that this was a decrease of 9% compared to 2015.

The other decrease he noted was on rape cases whose 25% difference translated to the 120 incidences this year against 2015 which saw 148 such cases.

For the rape cases, the 125 suspects has seen 105 apprehensions and the rest are still at large.

On armed skirmishes, the commander noted that there was 100 record cases which saw 64 deaths and 75 mains or/ and injuries; most happening in Sool and Sanaag regions. 

Accidents section saw 2558 vehicles incidences resulting to 165 deaths and 2043 casualties either injured or maimed.

The commander substantiated that vehicles involved were 1649 and 180 building structures.

He said that 5003 livestock were involved also.

He attributed most of the accidents to unskilled and fast driving.

The commander gave more details of various cases ranging from damping of toddlers to drug and illicit liquor trafficking.

This was the 23rd anniversary of the police force since its inception in 1993.