Somaliland: National Army Evicts Khatumoists from Taleeh


By: Yusuf M Hasan

TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – The dispute of who controls the secessionist’s infected Taleeh district in Sool region of Somaliland is no longer an issue.

This development follows the eviction of without a bullet fired of militias and politicians aligned to the mythical Khatumo state from their purported capital city by the Somaliland national army which spearheaded by a hundred armed technical war wagons.

According to the spokesperson of the Somaliland army Colonel Osman Abdilahi Saeed the takeover by the army which is the first in Taleeh is as per strategies from army headquarters and defence ministry in Hargeisa.

The establishment of dry land beach heads in Taleeh by the Somaliland army comes a few days after the Somalia Federal Government-SFG catered planeloads of Khatumo secessionist’s politicians and weapons for use by Dulbahante clan militias aligned to the Khatumoists.

Col Saeed who said the army is not only fully equipped but ready and prepared to deal with any aggression by some foreign elements said to be in pursuit of supporting the establishment of a Khatumo state to be hived off areas Somaliland, appealed for caution since repercussions shall be severe and swift.

Meanwhile reports from Garowe the Capital of Puntland a somalia administrative region bordering Somaliland indicate that the entire council of ministers has upon hearing news of the army action in Taleeh entered an urgent meeting said to be in strategizing for response.

The president of the region Abdiweli Gas who has since assuming office been very verbal with threats of annexing the Eastern parts of Sanaag region and entire Sool region is yet to make any statement on the issue.

The mayor of Taleeh mayor local council Jama Isse Shau’ur the district capital is calm following the arrival of the army in the town and residents formerly placed in a state of fear of Khatumoists militias are now serene and conducing normal activities unencumbered.

The youthful mayor who was in Hargeisa on official duties earlier in the week had raised an alarm about infiltrators aligned to Khatumo namely one Mahmud Jama Ismail ‘Ilwein’ who he termed as a traitor to Somaliland but masquerading as an emissary sent by Taleeh elders to negotiate with the central authorities.

According to mayor Shau’ur Ilwein a former appointee to the mayor ship of Taleeh under the government of late President Ibrahim Egal in the late 1990’s was in Hargeisa to hoodwink the authorities while his compatriots complete arrangements for a planned Khatumo III conference to have been held in Taleeh town.

This is the first time for the somaliland national army to have its presence in Taleeh town where the dream Khatumo state was established two years ago during a Dulbahante clan meeting with the full support of then Puntland president Abdirahman Farole who later upon failing to garner political mileage dispatched his army under the command of his deputy Gen Abdisamad Shire who unleash terror among residents now termed a massacre by the Khatumoists.

Other reports indicate that friction among of Khatumoists top honchos that emanates from the division of money contributed by the SFG in Mogadishu has not only resulted in a faction of the secessionists led by one Ali Marykan (American) openly threatening Puntland and announcing the venue of planned Khatumo III as Bo’ame town 100kms to the South of Taleeh but facilitating the ease in which he army took control of Taleeh.

The Gaas Verbosity emanating from Garowe has been called bluff by the assumption of Taleeh total control which coupled with the Special forces already ensconced 28 kms from Garowe in Sool region and in Badan of Sanaag region places Puntland under a three pronged watch by Somaliland.