Somaliland: German may Become Fourth Government Funding Hargeisa Directly


Thousands of Somaliland youths graduate from local and foreign institutions annually

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somalilandsun – The main constraints engulfing the Government of Somaliland is the availability of gainful employment for youths graduating from local and foreign based leaning institutions.

This is per the minister of planning and national coordination Dr Saad Ali Shire while briefing the Australian Institute of International Affairs-AIIA during a recent visit to Australia where he also informed that German is going to start direct funding to his government in Hargeisa.

“While diverse strategies to create more employment opportunities for the thousands of youths graduating every year are in place , the government is hindered by the non-recognition of somaliland as a sovereign nation thence unable to access grants and other direct financial packages “said Dr Shire

While applauding Britain, Denmark and Norway as the few countries that provide direct funding to Somaliland through the Somaliland Development Fund-SDF the planning minister said that he was hopeful Germany will join the fund (SDF) thence become the fourth with direct Government to Government funding arrangements.

The German angle was repeated a few days after the Dr Saad Briefing at the AIIA his water colleague Hussein Ahmed Abdalla upon return from Nairobi where meetings with German diplomats concluded with agreement on direct assistance on water Development from the government in Bonn.

Dr Saad A Shire The multi-million dollar Somaliland Development Fund-SDF is targeted on specific sectors within the Somaliland National Development Plan, namely: water, livestock, roads and the environment in which the ministry of water development is the only one so far to have informed withdrawing $4m earmarked for regional efforts to avail water sufficiency from the SDF account.

On the issue of Australian government development input the Somaliland planning minister who was accompanied by his foreign affairs colleague Mohamed Bihi Younis during the Australian visit organized the Somaliland Austaralian Foundation was of the opinion that much is needed especially in establishing direct funding.

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