Somaliland: Nation Must Focus More Strongly On International and Diplomatic Relations


By: Abdilahi Ali Hassan John

Somalilandsun – Somaliland nation has been free independent country for more then two decades and still remains alone orphan among African Nations, and as well as international world.

However, it is very significant sense to review the current position of Somaliland and also what has gone wrong, the appropriate question is going to be how Somaliland foreign policy works? were the right team dispatched to the international communities to negotiate by delivering the messages and genuine principle of Somaliland quite clearly, since Somaliland stood its own feet in the year 1991 in Burao, and announced totally breaking away from our real and respectful brothers of Southern Somalia where there is no grudge or present vendetta.

Clearly Somaliland looks that the right team of professional and academic were not been nominated in the field to win and also facilitate introducing Somaliland to the international communities with constant writings and meetings with Africa, Europe or America to drop their attention what Somaliland stands for and needs from the globe. The history is clearly written and stored in the international libraries where fully described the Somaliland nation and its origins before the southern republic Amalgamation or marriage happened mistakenly without fundamental conditions in 1960, shortly after Somaliland took independence from Britain.

What surely Somaliland neglected was in the first place from 1991 not sending right team to be representatives of Somaliland elsewhere in the world to hasten and secure better introductory of Somaliland nature towards international communities, unfortunately unenergetic and unskilful individuals were sent to be Somaliland ambassadors to some very limited countries that some of the people nominated to those places completely were amazed by Somaliland fellow citizens tremendously, as they were not the right choices and educated people to represent Somaliland in such importantly diplomatic fields, it was indeed insulting and mocking with ignorance to send illiterate individuals to the more developed countries and advanced nations in order to deal with and convince the most leading and powerful world figures what Somaliland needs desperately and legally with undeniable rights as well.

If Somaliland analyses the current ambassadors to the world without any item of intended criticism towards them, they are certainly unsuccessful and wrong choices in accordance with their diplomatic knowledge and negotiating skills that will assist Somaliland quite reliably so as communicate international communities with bombardments of diplomatic letters related to and fully explains the Somaliland position and what this country needs from the universal, as being very young unrecognized country of many misfortunes occurred in the past including missing the opportunity to be the members of the common wealth countries. The current Somaliland foreign office is more potent and functional then before, as many nominated ambassadors will never go where they appointed by the previous ministry/minister of foreign affairs led by Mohamed Abdilahi, who also Some people believe in embezzlement has largely taken place for that mismanagement for that period of time based on suitcase ministry of unfounded and baseless systematically.

Somaliland has only got one diplomatic ambassador around the globe who is Sifir of Niarobi of Somaliland. But also current Somaliland foreign office has got very experienced and knowledgeable minister Mohamed Bihi Yoonis who diplomatically knows exactly what he is supposed to do and the excellent accessibility of Somaliland recognition and where that lies as well. despite of that vital role, Somaliland must reform the culture and team that represent Somaliland diplomatically who we need so competent and skillful individuals like the minister Mohamed Bihi Yoonis. I am hundred person sure that the minister is unsatisfied for the ministry and the characteristics of the process when became the head of that duity that might not possibly land on the success and system the country expected to secure for good. Nevertheless, some uneducated individuals attempt to hunt for these essential role or mirror of the country of Somaliland ambassadors throughout the world, some of them included those already failed to prosper their own nominated positions when Ahmed Siilaanyo won the election and built his government in the year of 201o and lost their posts for laziness and unqualified abilities of stupidity.

If Somaliland gets ministers and diplomats like Sifir of Niarobi and the current minister foreign affairs and international relations Mohamed Yoonis, things will totally different from entirely where its today. Hence, What destroys government is nepotism and tribalism to place some one where he/she is not able to handle quite well. Because, it is more important to respect qualification and professionalism that makes the different frequently and advances the country for good straight away with huge efforts and conscience.

The minister Mohamed Biihi Yoonis has got more supporters of being professional of Somaliland diplomat and people of Somaliland expect from him to choose all his team that will build the reputation and foundation on the scratch gradually to introduce international community openly and obviously for this nation’s hungry and thirst of getting recognition as free nation clearly independent and returned from the union of 1960s bewteen South and North republics who commenced and sustain political dialogue today to agree when it gets ready to happen without any stubborn or conflicts between the two. Our brothers of southern will be approached with respect and dignified stage to have very mature and liberal negotiations to develop the situation at least more further stages.

Somaliland ought to review and re-evaluate for that process to make some necessary reforms and changes of that nature of nominating to political posts for contradicting figures.It is not my culture to point out anyone with my fingers, but the reality is more strong to be heard very often, and I would like to congratulate the somaliland representative in Kenya Niarobi Mr Sifir who is more capable and aware of his duties and what he also achieved for the time of the office in Niarobi.

Abdilahi Ali Hassan John
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