Somaliland: Music Is A Shared Cultural Identity And Not A Reason To Lose The Plot


the musicians who were detained

By Ahmed Kheyre

Somalilandsun – The detention of returning artists from Mogadishu, Somalia, appeared to be another own goal by the administration of Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo”.

After a few days of total insanity, the Somaliland Courts did their job and freed the detained artists.

The arrests of these artists was a foolish step taken by overeager officials, who heard about the artists waving the flag of their hosts. However, these artists were after all playing in another country, with another flag, and it has been known by artists across the globe to wave the flags of which ever country they are playing in.

We, Somalilanders should not be afraid of the old flag from the defunct union with Somalia. That shipped has sailed and we have in our position a flag which will never be lowered. A flag which was fought for, scarified for and one in which many paid the ultimate price.

Somalis across the region and the world share a culture. If a few artists in Mogadishu got carried away and waved a flag, it is no big deal. We are secure in our sovereignty.

In order to highlight this shared culture, this  is a link of the famous Somali musician Ahmed Naji Sa’ad singing the songs of Ali Sugalle on Somaliland National Television. I doubt, he was arrested if he ever returned to Mogadishu.


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