Somaliland: Mujahid Dagaweine Calls for Nation Anti-government Demonstrations


urges cessation of tax paymemt to an allegedly corrupt government 

Freedom fighter Dagweine accuses the Somaliland government of corruption calls for nationwide demonstrations

Somaliland sun- The government of Somaliland has been accused of massive maladministration especially as pertained to sale of public property.

The accusations were made by renowned freedom fighter Mujahid Ibrahim Dagaweine during a meeting with traditional leaders in Hargeisa where he called citizens out for nationwide demonstrations in protest of government corruption.

Mujahid Dagaweine who also urged citizens to cease paying taxes to the central and local governments accused the adminstration of president Silanyo of thriving on the sale of public property without regard for future generations of this country.

The combative former SNM senior commander also warned the government against continued incarceration of some traditional leaders who have been sentenced to lengthily imprisonment for involvement in a recent incident where voter registration was disrupted in Saxil region of Somaliland.

While the interior ministry story is yet to react to the calls for protest demonstrations and demand for the immediate and unconditional release of the traditional tio al leaders citizens are gearing up for the planned anti-government  activities now pending it,Elaine.