Somaliland: Legislators Reject Tender Board Bill


MP Saeed Elmi Ronle says the bill was rejected because the body has no independence of operations

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somaliland sun- The legal status of the Somaliland national Tender Board-NTB has been put in a limbo.

This follows the overwhelming rejection of a bill legalizing the NTB by the House of Representatives which is the country’s lower chamber of parliament at a session chaired by 1st deputy speaker Bashe Mohamed Farah.

During the vote for the NTB bill in a house with an over fourth quorum 33 MPs were against, 3 in favor while four absteeined without giving reasons.

According to MP Saeed Elmi Ronle who gave a post vote briefing to the media outside parliament buildings in Hargeisa the overwhelming rejection of the bill is related to the presidency placing the body under the ministry of finance thence losing its independence to operate.

It now remains for the government to remedy by redrafting the bill as per the dictates of the legislators and in the meantime the NTB shall continue to operate illegally.