Somaliland: Ms Bandare Joins Government in Major Cabinet Reshuffle


By: Yusuf M HasanNew Environment Minister Ms Shukri Bandare

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has revitalized his council of ministers where new faces were introduced, others transferred and one elevated while a few were fired in a major cabinet reshuffle that saw Ms Bandare and Shukri Harir increase the number of women ministers to four.

A presidential decree # JSL/M/XERM/249-1820/062013 released on the 25th June read, “the head of state in conformity with section 2, Article 90 of the Somaliland constitution, and in view of the importance ministerial posts have to national development and after having ascertained the capabilities of the selected individuals to undertake public service and ministerial mandates hereby announce that as from today the named Somaliland citizens are appointed to the council of ministers

New Appointments

Waranade back after hiatus of 3 years1. Mohamed Bihi Yonis – Minister of Foreign Affairs

2. Ali Mohamed Waran’ade – Minister of Interior

3. Ms Shukri Haji Ismail Bandare – Minister of Environment

4. Ali Jama Farah ‘Bureed’ – Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources

5. Mohamed Jama Abgal – Minister of Posts and Telecommunications

6. Ahmed Abdi Kahin – Minister of Rehabilitation

7. Aden Ahmed Warsame – Minister of Parliament Coordination, Research and Technology

8. Hussein Mohamed Abdile- Minister of Water Development

9. Mohamed Muse Abees – State minister at the Presidency

10. Ali Mahmud Ahmed ‘Sandule’ State Minister for Eastern Regions Reconciliation and Development

11. Ahmed Nuur Faahiye – State minister for Education

12. Hasan Dahir Dhimbil –Planning and National Coordination Deputy minister

13. Aden Ibrahim Yusuf Ashgar – Agriculture Deputy minister

14. Ms Shukri Harir Ismail-Deputy minister of labour and Social Services

15. Abdiwahid Abdirahman Abdiqadir – Information, Culture and National Guidance Habsade to advisor president on Elections Deputy Minister

16. Abdi Dahir Amuud – Defence deputy minister

17. Bashir Abdi Harir – Commerce and International Investment deputy minister

18. Ahmed Abdi Habsade – Presidential Advisor on Elections and :Political Parties

19. Mahmud Saeed Mahmud ‘Ga’ameye’ – Presidential advisor on Justice


1. Minister of information, Culture and National Guidance Abdilahi Dahir Mohamed Ukuse, was a deputy minister in the same ministry.


1. Minister of Resettlement and Rehabilitation Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed Hagaltosie transferred Ministry of Health

2. Minister of Commerce Abdirizaq Khalif Ahmed transferred to Ministry of Public Works and housing

3. Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar to Ministry of Commerce and International Investments.

4. Minister of Public Works and housing Ahmed Abdi Habsade becomes new Presidential Advisor on Elections and :Political Parties

5. Minister of environment Mahmud Saeed Mahmud ‘Ga’ameye’ becomes Presidential advisor on JusticeInterior Minister Duur Arale AXED

6. Minister of information, culture and national guidance Abiid Diriye Nuur ‘Tima’ade’ to Ministry of Industry

7. Minister of fisheries and marine resources Abdilahi Jama Osman ‘Geeljire’ (New Docket not mentioned)


1. Minister of Interior -Mohamed Nuur Arale ‘Duur’

2. Minister of Industry – Abdirizaq Ali Osman

3. Minister of Health – Dr Hussein Muhumed Mohamed ‘Hog’

4. Minister of Posts and Telecommunications – Ali Elmi Gelle

5. Commerce Deputy minister – Aden Diriye Egal

6. Education deputy minister – Ali Hamud Jibril

Education minister Hon Zamzam Abdi, stronger voice Though the reshuffle creates a number of new ministries hived from others like Water formerly in Mineral resource the inclusion of international investment at the commerce ministry gives the docket a broader dimension while the women voices of education minister Ms Zamzam Abdi and deputy health minister Ms Nimo Qawdan are strengthened by new environment Minister Shukri Haji Bandare and deputy labour and social welfare minister Ms Shukri Harir Ismail.