Somaliland: “MPs Must Acquiesce with Imminent Guurti Conflict Resolution Recommendations” -T&TC


As the clan committee demands reasons behind leaders arrest in Hargeisa

TTC Chair

By:Moody Boodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Leaders of Talo and Tawfiq Committee- T&TC are demanding explanation as to reasons behind their recent confinement in Hargeisa.

The demand was made by the council’s chairperson Mr. Hassan Hussein Farah who together with the finance manager Mr. Yasin Suleiman Mohamed were guests of the state in for a night following their arrest in Hargeisa seven days ago.

Though no reason was or has been given for the arrest of the duo by the RRU police anti-riot unit presumably under orders and direct command of minister in the presidency Hirsi Haji Ali the duo were only state guests for a few hours only.

Clan based committee leaders

Meanwhile Talo and Tawfiq which is a clan based committee has released a press statement advising the government, house of elders, national assembly and the members of the public and with special attention at issues pertaining to the ongoing saga in the national assembly.

The statement advised the government not to associate itself with the national assembly while reminding parliamentarians on the purpose of their work which is their servitude awaited by the members of public who put them in the house as their representatives.

As the committee acknowledge the experience and competence of the Guurti Elders in conflict resolutions and while pointing to the peaceful co-existence among Somaliland clans as testimony the T&TC urged countrywide support for the elders mediation efforts of returning sanity to the House of Representatives whose negotiation team of 14 failed to resolve disputes.

Legislators were also told that acquiescence was compulsory with whatever recommendations the elders come up towards resolution of the conflict the T&T Committee also warned members of the House of Representatives to stop putting personal interests above national ones..

In conclusion the council which asked citizens both local and in the Diaspora to remain unshakably in their steadfastness as Somalilanders also advised for support to the government of the day for which the T&TC asked patience with and forgiveness for , many misdeeds perpetrated by its leadership.

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