Somalia: AMISOM and Al-Shabaab Alliance – Cartoon


In this cartoon Amin Amir touches the relations between Amisom forces and Al-Shabaab militants  of Somalia

By: Mo Ali/Medeshi

Somalilandsun – AMISOM (African Union Forces) soldiers have on several occasions been accused of benefiting from their occupation of Somalia. Some have been indicted last year by Uganda for taking bribes. Others have been accused of taking part in exporting charcoal through Kismayo. All in all , Amisom soldiers are among the beneficiaries of the current chaos in Somalia

The Somali text :

In this cartoon Al-Shabaab member driving the vehicle speaks to Amisom soldier manning a check point and tells him : ” Our mutual understanding is that you stay in the country and we exist. Let us pass through this check point so that we could carry a suicide attack inside the city. In this case we fulfill our mission while you don’t get hurt “.

The Amisom soldier replies ” keep suicide explosions away from us ( the soldiers ) ..”

The other soldier at the far right corner of the caricature adds : ” They are right . Let them carry suicide explosions . It is not our business . It is the Somalis that will perish here anyway”

– Amin Amir is a Somali cartoonist based in Canada and promotes social change among the Somali speaking population Worldwide

Source: Medeshi