Somaliland: MPs accuse Bashe, Ali of Breeding Discord


Deputy Speaker Bashe

By M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A solidarity of members of the parliament from both political divides have condemned their executives for indulging in what they described as serious and gross misconduct to cause discord.

This new twist of fate comes after the First and Second Deputy speakers Hon. Bashe Mohamed Farah and Hon. Ali Yusuf declared the newly formed parliamentary sub-committees as null and avoid.

They had further ruled that also un-binding hence illegal was the offices of the newly elected officials of the committees.

The MPs who were flanked by a hoard of their colleagues told a press conference held at parliament buildings that Hon. Bashe and Hon. Ali seriously erred in their conduct when they based their ruling on a regulation that specified for the non replacement of committees during the first and last years of their terms.

The honorable members Ibrahim Jama Ali (Rayte),Ahmed Duale and Sanweyne further accused their executive duo for undermining the integrity and prerogative of the office of the Speaker Hon. Abdirahman Irro.

The MPS substantiated the fact that as for the life of their tenure, there was still 18 months to go before it elapses.

They maintained that it was the prerogative of the speaker to order for changes in the committees on annual basis (if deemed fit) hence has the freedom to consult his deputies on the subject if he so wishes.

The MPs emphasized the fact that the decision to make the changes was one taken by the whole house when they recently retreated to three days of closed –door consultative and re-evaluation sessions amongst themselves.

In other words, technically speaking, the by-laws have it that what the house adopts takes precedence over all underlying issues thereof.

Storm brewing in parliament

Furthermore, they elaborated, the Speaker Hon. Irro consulted with his second deputy over the committee issue hence formally left for Hon. Ali to preside over. They said that the second deputy speaker in turn did the necessary and duly expedited his duties thereafter hence presided over the elections of the committee executives.

The MPs who fronted a united stand in justifying the rule of law and cohesiveness said that the serious flouting of the basic legal procedures was tantamount to incitement and breeding discord with untold dangerous repercussions.

They greatly wondered why Hon. Bashe could take such a ruling, and just as similarly, Hon. Ali’s about turn.

The MPs feared that the new turn of events could create serious political poles with marked dividing central line. Which safely argued, could not portend or augur well for the future.