Somaliland: Mounted Police Unit Inaugurated

Somaliland Mounted Police Unit Inaugurated

Somalilandsun: The Commander of the Somaliland Police Force, Brigadier General Mohamed Aden Saqadhi (Dabagale), has inaugurated the newly established Somaliland mounted police unit.

The unit’s inauguration took place at the Wajale plains in the west of the capital Hargeisa, with the site designated as the mounted police training unit.

To launch the unit are fifty horses and riders that are earmarked as trainer of trainers in subsequent courses geared to avail all relevant police commands in the country have trained mounted policemen and horses seconded.

“These fifty horses are nucleus of our mounted police unit and after three months of training they shall be ready for deployment said Brigadier Dabagale adding that once the first batch completes training a similar number will start every three months

Stressing on the importance the government attached to the new unit which will facilitate ease of police movement especially in rural areas where the terrain is difficult for vehicles the Somaliland police boss said that 20 trainers have been recruited.

The mounted police once fully operationally will see law and order supervised with ease in every corner of Somaliland