Somaliland: Miraculous Birth of Conjoined Twins in Hargeisa


The CONJOINED twins with 2 heads 2 arms and two legs who are fused together at the ribs born at Hargeisa Group Hospital

By: Mahmoud Qodah
Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Two conjoined twins who are fused together at rips have been born in the caesarean section of Hargeisa Group Hospital-HGH.
According to the Director General of Hargeisa Group Hospital Dr.Ahmed Omer Askar, the two conjoined twins have two heads, 2 arms, two legs, two hearts, two lungs and two Kidneys, and are miraculously in perfect health condition.
Also Dr. Abdikarim Deriye confirmed that those miraculously conjoined twins survived after a surgical operation at the caesarean section of Hargeisa Hospital.
“Attached at the rips, the baby boys have two heads, two arms and two legs –
meaning they still don’t share some of their vital organs such as heart, lungs and kidneys. Each has his own gallbladder.
While the babies are now out of danger and doing well at hospital, doctors have still
doubt for their survival.
“But that doesn’t mean they don’t need any support. Still they need assistance and I am urging for anyone who can to give immediate assistance to them ,” Said Director General of Hargeisa Group Hospital.
The Parents of the conjoined twins speaking to Horn Cable TV thanked the doctors for their efforts in surviving of their twins.
This news has been a shocking for both Hospital’s gynecologists and people as it has been the first time that they have witnessed such case.