Somaliland: Minority Clan Accuses Parliament of Promoting their Continued Subjugation


Sultan Nassir

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Gaboye clan of Somaliland has decried the removal of their clansman from the national judicial committee.

In a press briefing at Dami estate of Hargeisa, the leaders of the Musa Deeriyo sub-clan of Gaboye led by Sultan Nassir Sultan Abdi Ismail said that the replacement of their clansmen by a member of the majority clan in the national judicial committee was a further extension of the discrimination meted upon them.

The was nominated to the national Judicial Committee by parliament’s House of Representatives from its nomination quota of two members

“The removal of the only Musa Deeriyo clansman from one of the most important national committee the clan is represented is a parliamentary extension of never ending subjugation of our people” said Sultan Nassir.

Claiming that the Gaboye minority clan shall no longer persevere discrimination silently especially at the level of the legislative assembly Sultan Nassir who was flanked by various traditional leaders from the clan warned that if the speaker of parliament Abdirahman Irro does not rectify the mistake immediately the clan shall be forced to pursue the issue through other unhealthy channels.

“We shall not sit down and accept subjugation meekly as in the past, thence be informed that Irro must reverse his decision in lieu of our appeal to the international community” said the sultan

The replacement in question occurred recently when the parliamentary judicial made changes to its nominees to the committee in question

While this is the first time for the supposedly minority clan to lock horns with parliament their claim to never ending subjugation by the so-called majority clans is a traditional norm exercised in all Somali speaking areas.

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