Somaliland: HHDON Distribute Boats to Sayla, Lughaya Fishermen


Donated boats to join current fishing fleet of Sayla and Lughaya

By: M.A. Egge

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun): The Sayla and Lughaya fishermen are the lucky beneficiaries of five motorboats courtesy of the Hudoon Human Development Organization Network (HHDON); a Salal regional welfare association.

In a function held for the vessels handover through Ramad youth association (on behalf of HHDON), its chairman Ibrahim Omar Ahmed gave the keys to the Salal regional governor Abdikadir Ismael Jama to be distributed between the two districts.

“Lughaya is destined for three vessels and two for Zayla,” said Ibrahim.

On his part the governor praised their efforts of giving the local fishing cooperatives a monumental boost for their industry.

He said that the vessels would go a long way to boost the morale and production in/of the industry in the areas.

“You should of course maintain the vessels and make maximum profit out of them”, he added.

This is the first time for local NGOs to make such a fete in the region.