Somaliland: Minnesota Toddler Recovering From 11-Storey Fall


Fadumo Abudllahi holds her son Musa 16 months at their home. -

Somalilandsun: The mother of a toddler who was dubbed “the miracle baby” after surviving an 11-story fall from a high-rise a month ago says her son is healing well, but she has nightmares every night of reaching for her son as he is falling.
Fadumo Abdullahi, who is originally from Somalia, says that in her nightmare her son cries, “Mommy, come help me.” Her son, Musa Dayib, followed his sister onto the balcony of the family’s 11th-floor unit, slid his 15-month-old body between the railings and fell on May 11.
He had a broken left arm, broken ribs, a broken right wrist and a wound to the back of his head.
Doctors will remove his last cast today, the one covering his left arm from the wrist to the biceps, the Star Tribune newspaper reported.
The only other visible sign of his fall is a pink scar on the back of his head.
“He is the same way that he was before,” Abdullahi, who is originally from Somalia, said through an interpreter yesterday at the family’s apartment, where Musa fell. At her feet, Musa pushed a Matchbox car across the carpet. “This is something beyond comprehension,” she said.
The family plans to move once a lower unit opens up, she said The door to the balcony has been locked shut by the property owner at the family’s request.