Somaliland: Ministry of Public Works Assumes Control of Beleaguered Hargeisa Electricity Agency


Close Hargeisa Electricy Agency offices

By: A.A.Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The ministry of roads and housing announced they will take the responsibility for the management of the electricity machines of government.

Minister of roads and housing Hon Abdirizaq Khalif Ahmed said the ministry has Organized to buy new machines to supply electricity at city after two weeks Of black out in some areas of the city but in the coming few days power will Resume back previous machines which was operating where five machines

But unfortunately they failed to work This came after some areas in Hargeisa city experienced black out this course many consumers To migrate to prevent generating power Hundreds of households in the Somaliland capital city are in darkness after the Hargeisa Electricity agency ceased to supply power thousands of Hargeisa residence who where Consuming the government electricity it has also coursed patinas in government hospital To be discharged.

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