Somaliland: A Burned to Death Man Found in a Farm East of Hargeisa


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By: Mo Ali/Medeshi

Somalilandsun – A young man was found burned to death last night in a farm just east of Hargeisa , the capital of Somaliland.

The man whose identity has not been revealed suffered serious burns that consumed most of his skinand clothes.

Police and a number of people arrived at the farm this morning while the man was still alive and no emergency treatment was given due to lack of first aid the delay of the ambulance . Witnesses have told the local press that the man was dead by the time the ambulance arrived at the scene and his body was later taken to the morgue at Hargiesa general Hospital.

No one has so far come out to identify the deceased person but some of the people that arrived at the scene said that the young man came from the abroad (Diaspora) and has been receiving traditional healing in the capital .

Translated from Somali by Medeshi